Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Media Gaffe on Sapiens DNA

Look at the admission at the start of the article.

Oldest Sapiens DNA is 45,000 years old.

Before that, no trace of them ... anywhere ... on entire planet ... ever. In "Africa" or anywhere else for that matter.

What are the odds.

What looks like a custom genetically engineered Neanderthal killing machine zombie race materializes at the Southern tip of Europe and begins marching northward, doing one thing and one thing only. Ambushing, killing and eating Neanderthals. No art. No culture. No painting. No funerals. No weddings. No dancing. No music. No conversation. No singing. No herding. No cultivation.

It sweeps north and kills Neanderthals. At night it sleeps upon the ground. In some sparse camps there is no sign they even made fire.

It's broad shoulders and narrow waist mean it is completely outmatched at close range with the stout, solid superhuman Neanderthal in hand-to-hand combat. It can really only do one thing well in life and it is chuck a spear with deadly accuracy at great ranges. It has no existence outside its task and no evidence of a soul outside of tracking Neanderthals and exterminating them. That is the only thing it does in life.

We are supposed to believe nature produced this creature. What an insulting thing to say about God.

Presto, mission accomplished and scienmagists say we should believe that these empty, hollow, vicious creatures then domesticated all known species of animals and plants almost overnight, in the blink of an eye. It seems almost like they simply found these things in the camps that they destroyed and then began to use them. To their credit there is nothing that can be attributed. All the things they take credit for have no more substance than those mail order degrees from India. We have to take their word for it because the evidence is nonexistent.

Humans call what followed the "Neolithic Revolution." Really? Is that what it was? Or was it just a bunch of savages with Neanderthal children chained to posts in the middle of villages whipped and beaten to make marvelous tools and implements that they themselves lacked the hand-eye coordination and dexterity to create both in their minds and their limbs? Was it really them pulling that plow or was it a Neanderthal kid showing them how to use the domesticated horse that was taken from the "Tuatha De Danann" to pull the shoulder plow harness they had constructed?

I can only speak for myself, because it is the real sum of my experience. All my life I have solved problems for other people and created things. As soon as I finished, I have been elbowed in the ribs to the back of the room and then one of the "Normal people" has held up the works of my hands to great applause by his fellows. If this is the pattern nearly 40,000 years later it is safe to say that not much has changed at all. I can tell by looking at my present what the past was like. Nothing changes with these chimpmanzees. I was on the team that wrote the software that turned around the fortunes of Advanced Mining Technology, which then turned around the fortunes of Industrea, which became attractive when it offered hardware to go with that software, a company formerly considered irrelevant and finished in the mining industry. As for the people in that photo taking the accolades, I never saw'em until they put their picture in the paper. Do you know what I was doing then? I was like Bill Bixby at the end of that old Hulk television show. I was walking down the highway with my knapsack to the next contract, that sad piano music playing in the background. After the Hulk tears the roof off and saves the day, we always see him trying to hitch a ride in the rain with his thumb. Nobody ever thanks the Hulk, he is like a ghost nobody can see.

Goodbye Kwanstainia


Let's see, who should I trust more? This wall of history books I am looking at now?

Or a bunch of people who read and write at a 3rd grade level, have grown up taking Ritalin and Prozac who believe professional wrestling is a real sport and cannot think of a country starting with the letter "U" when stopped on the street?

Which of these two do you think will turn out the fool? The books on my wall? I think not.

I know this story by heart and I know how it ends. Same script, different actors.

The official demolition ceremony begins after the midterm elections.

The Kwa will be bulldozed and replaced by a Wymmins Wellness Center, a crisis youth counseling centre for transgendered Haitians and a 3000 mile wide parade of statues celebrating the victory of communist heroes over the capitalist bourgeois the day after the ballots close.

The new politburo will immediately pass a series of resolutions confirming the right of children to work at fair wage labor and Obama will preside over a ribbon cutting ceremony at a new textile factory where seven year olds will be taught to fetch spindles from weaving machines without interrupting productivity. It is the worker's paradise that Marx promised when he was living as a bum on Friedrich Engels farm.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

VOS Research Center Open For Business

We have moved to the new location while our next shelter is being worked on.

I now have access to something I have never previously had while working on Vault-OS. I have a huge dedicated workshop building that my wife has graciously given me custody of if I promise to move my mountain of electronic hoarder garbage out there. I now have a covered greenhouse with full irrigation and an entire alleyway behind it to erect my hydroponics quonset. The workshop has power, a network hub and full access with cabling to both the greenhouse and quonset.

The greenhouse is going to be used for the proof-of-concept for aboveground permaculture to be fully controlled and operated by a VOS box. The quonset will be dedicated to an instance of VOS that demonstrates it can be used to produce food underground without natural sunlight or ventilation. All of my VOS equipment can reside inside the workshop protected from rain and the elements while I work on it including all sensors and automated control systems. If space permits I might even put in a bathtub of fish and freshwater shrimp raised by computers.

I will probably make the main connections over CANBUS but by the time the project is mature it will provide daemons for a whole variety of industrial buses including MODBUS, LanBUS, SIEMENS Industrial, I2C, SPI and simple RS-485/RS-232 serial cable. Unlike previous versions of the software, the daemons will now be loaded and launched by the server at run-time according to user preferences. I will be able to thoroughly test different cross-platform compiled versions of VOS running on Desqview, DR-DOS, Linux, Win 3.1, Win32, FreeBSD, Mac OSX and RTOS and will probably get it running on my Rabbit-2000, Arduino and ARM boards as well.

I have never had this kind of space before for pure research and it comes just as some of my experimental code for VOS w/PHP is finally working. I have been migrating everything that makes the server run to PHP pages which I will eventually be embedding in a zip file that travels with the main executable.

When both testbeds are producing food reliably, I will put the initial version of Vault-OS up on SourceForge or Github and run my fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for the VOS Lexicon which will enable anybody anywhere in the world to emerge from the apocalypse with their own full automation system for survival using salvage and junk computers for all the components where required. With a copy of this book you will be able to build any number of automation and monitoring systems in record time including for inventory management, water storage, fuel monitoring, power management and permaculture all by yourself without any outside help if desired. It will be one of the coolest things that anybody on the planet has ever seen and the last word in decentralization for the individual survivalist.

I am finishing up my computer game very soon and right after that is released I am going to pour myself wholeheartedly into the development of VOS. It has only been 14 years and I think I am ready to produce something for peer review.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

TED : Where Pretend Smart People Go To Pretend To Be Smart In Front Of Other Fake Smart People

A Vault-Co Reader sent me a link to one of two talks deleted at TED by two of my favourite thinkers, Sheldrake and Hancock.

Okay, so why invite them to begin with? They should have never been asked. They are not part of the monopoly on intellamajence you have formed with your friends. You and your friends can put on your little show and take turns pretending to be as bright as the dumbest browsers on Vault-Co. (Almost as bright, anyway)

… but seriously, a Soviet-style purge where you remove the videos from the event posthumously, remove them from the registry of speakers and move them to a "safe" zone on the internet? You gotta be kidding me. Nobody is dumb enough to pull a stunt like that.

Just to clarify. I hate TED. Always have. Watched 5 minutes of it and knew exactly what it was about. It is vanity for people who did not have the good genetic fortune to be born all that bright. I had no idea they did things like this, however. What a shocking embarrassment for them. Are they worried about infecting others with ideas they don't have the strength to judge the merits of themselves? Really creepy stuff. As usual, militant atheist social justice warriors ("bolshi" is much shorter) were behind all of it. Those people make me sick to my stomach. To think that I was a fellow traveler for 16 years … it makes me feel like I need a strong hot bath to get the smell off.

Sorry this is the first time I have ever mentioned TED. I have believed for the past ten years they did not warrant a mention. They never struck me as the real thing. You have to understand that the legions of fake thinkers pretending to be able to reason outnumber the genuine article 10,000-to-1 in the same way that early Cro-Magnons outnumbered Neanderthals when they appeared in southern Europe. I can assure you that the slowest regular on Vault-Co deserves to speak on that stage before any of those other idiots is even permitted to sit down in the audience.

Those who can't, teach. A further premise associated with Dunning-Kruger, is that those who can't, preach. It is an immutable law of nature. The frauds have always got a huge mob over the sincere.

You can imagine if they feel a mere inquisitive soul like Sheldrake is too far out on the fringe what they'd think from a day's worth of reading here. They'd probably bust an embolism in their tiny, walnut sized brains.

A couple years back some guy at work asked me what I thought of TED and I told him, "Oprah Winfrey in drag with slide projectors."

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SQLite : Is there anything it CAN'T DO ?!?!?

Last night I was toying around with the initialization of the virtual tables I use as shared IPC mechanism in Vault-OS to run messages from the post office to the web server. The mailbox handles messages from daemon processes (now I have them running from inside of VOS at bootup) and provides them globally through SQLite shared memory tables.

So I have been investigating something a bit more vanilla than physically packing all my web site into the executable, say for example, packing it all into a zip file and using that when the program is first run to stick all the required web pages into a floating memory table with caching for ultrafast access by dynamic URL lookups. This would also entail caching of all javascript libraries I am using like JQuery. The great thing is that once all this stuff is in the same table I can retrofit uniform mechanisms to gzip it for delivery or provide pointers into the extended file system for user-added content.

Lo and behold, turns out there is an entire aspect of SQLite I don't even know about called virtual file systems. Accessed by the same queries as everything else. Mind. Blown. This in itself would be a marvel if this is all that SQLite did. In addition to all the other stuff it does I think this makes SQLite the most amazing public domain library on Earth. At times it is as if the author of SQLite was anticipating the needs of the VOS web server and writing the features needed to support that functionality.

Was The Black Death The Catalyst For Western Civilization?

I was having a very interesting conversation with my son on the subway this morning. We talked about Nietzsche's apparent admiration for dictators and tyrants. On your first reading of Nietzsche it is easy to get the impression he is a proto-fascist. If you slow down and read him more carefully you'll get a completely different impression in your second pass. You will start to see a much broader perspective than is obvious to a casual reader - Friedrich despised such people and said his writing was designed to put them off when they first read it.

Nietzsche believed that human nature is so corrupt and evil that without catastrophe and chaos it would never get anywhere. I agree with him and you should not take it as support for any of the things you are thinking about now. I still agree with him. He is right ... without the plowshare of evil there would be no human progress ever, in anything.

Humans are such a rude camp of savages it is only in conditions of war they learn any virtues or self-control or selflessness. It is another reason that war drives innovation because otherwise humans are incapable of learning, changing or adapting until they are terrified for their very lives. It opens their minds, not very far but wide enough to accept new ideas.

Nearly all our notions about individual rights are driven by the reigns of the psychopathic madmen Oliver Cromwell and Napoleon Bonaparte, who between the two of them razed the existing civilizations and drove expansion towards North America.

There is a growing school of thought that without the Plague, there would be no western civilization at all. It is interesting to think that even as people fear and cower in denial from the specter of violent change, it could well be the only thing that halts the advance of terrible evils and terribly evil men. Without the plague it is possible we would all still live under feudalism and the Holy See. It is a sobering thought. Men are mindless idiots and without external evils to prod them they are incapable of reform or self-restraint.

When decadence and decay have taken their toll and seem like they are closing in forever, it is usually close to a new and terrible dawn with all kinds of new possibilities. You have to respect the survivalist who wants to live to see it instead of ending up with the chaff burned up from the former era.

P.S. The very next page on the Philip Atkinson site is indispensable must-read Vault-Co canon. If you have not read this page before you will find it more enlightening than an entire book by Spengler.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gardasil Tested In India Because Poor Natives Trusted Bill Gates

Absurd, monstrous and intolerable.

Corporations really love to screw the people of India over because they are too poor to afford legal representation. I hope the Supreme Court of India brings the hammer down on these eugenics madmen this time.

Malcolm Fraser Is Retired And Decides To Tell The Truth

Better late than never.

He's not the first. Other high profile former politicians in Australia have been dropping the dime on them lately as well.

I say the exact same stuff for twenty years and I'm some kind of nut.

"FEMA Preparing For 200 Million Deaths"

This BP Agent claims the U.S. government is planning to cull 2/3rds of the American population in order to reduce them to a more manageable size herd.

This explains why FEMA has been purchasing huge quantities of ammo, storage food and cheap plastic coffins for years.

It also explains the media obsession with steam slurry generators to turn human corpses into mush that can be flushed down the toilet or used as a cost-effective fertilizer or animal feed.

Why Suffrage Was A Mistake

There is no better way to protect women alone from guns than to force all the law abiding people to surrender all their arms. Just call a cop, they'll protect you … when they get there in a couple of days. Protect your body for forensics.

Australia is such a joke that serial killers just randomly flip a coin, knock on any door with a buck knife in their hand and then they go inside and kill all the old people in the house. The cops will protect you. The same way they protected the Adamsons, butchered like goats in their own home.

I would love to see one of these Aussie idiots try the same thing in Texas. He'd knock on a door, alright. He'd knock on one door. End of crime spree.

In Australia, the government only permits people to own brooms for their own safety - unless they are guarding cash or jewellery for wealthy people, in which case they get a gun. Their own lives are worth a broom.

Most Australians, I gave up on a long, long time ago. I just stare at them when they talk. What is the point? I might as well be speaking to a wooden post.  Lights are on, nobody is home. Boy, confidence is sure high, however. They'd have to be the most confident people on Earth. I never have found out why they are so confident but it appears they know the answers to everything. If I knew the answers to everything I bet I would be just as confident as they are. Australians are nationwide Dunning-Kruger.

The next time some bolshevist lies to you in America about how good it worked out here in Australia, tell them that Australia now has more illegal guns in circulation and a higher drive-by rate of shootings in Sydney than in South Central Los Angeles. The criminals do not appear to have been made aware of the stringent regulations.

Bolshevists "believe" that central government can create more human happiness, prosperity and security than humans can create for themselves. They claim this is what they believe, anyway. The fact that the world is a museum of marxist failures or that the unemployed Karl Marx wrote his book when America was fighting the Indian Wars does not appear to phase them. They think Christianity is ridiculous and a superstitious lot of rubbish. This is what Bolshevists actually believe.

Bolshevists won't listen to anything like a rational argument. They can't. They are missing the core of their brain, a structure called the amygdala. It doesn't matter that their arguments make no logical sense, however, because there is nobody left bright enough to know that.

Final Improvamentation

… for California is coming soon.

Record tectonic activity worldwide in last 20 years. Those plates are shifting at the end of the Holocene. One of them will be shifting in Crazytown Hollyweird any day now. The party is almost over for that carnival out there.

I am sure the people who live there now will pull together just as they did a century ago and rebuild and repair everything. Sure they will. That's why the only business doing business in California is U-Haul rentals.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

One Standard Deviation Since 1889

It was never your imagination.

Modern people always tell us our gut instincts are wrong and their collective consensus on television is right. Turns out reality is right and manboons are wrong.

I have known this my entire life. Like so many other things this is just confirmation of what I have always felt in my gut. It is that obvious.

A Good Start

What do you call a busload of Monsanto CEOs going over a cliff?

It's a crying shame. Now here is one that is much worse.

Every 13 seconds, an Indian farmer who defaults on his farm and crops after Monsanto has taken the lot from him with their GMO crop scheme loaned at exhorbitant interest rates commits suicide. That man leaves an average of 22 extended family members as either orphans or in complete poverty when he does so. If you work out the math there are at least 4 million indians who have been reduced to corpses or pauperdom as a result of signing an agreement with Monsanto.

Monsanto, responding to these accusations, paid a lot of money to press outlets to portray this as a misunderstanding, an urban myth or just the whining of sore losers. They paid a lot of money to suppress the information that at least a quarter of these farmers were drinking Monsanto insecticides to kill themselves to send a clear message to the world as to who was at the root of their misery and what had reduced them to this despair.

If I picked up the paper tomorrow morning and read that the entire corporate staff of Monsanto had burned to death in the middle of the night, I'd be disappointed they got off easy and did not know the grief they brought the rest of mankind before they karked it. I'd like to carve a sign in the side of the Great Wall of China reading F*CK MONSANTO in letters six stories high so it can be seen by satellite reconnaissance from outer space. We could see if that feedback from Planet Earth would make a dent in their corporate strategy. I am sure they would dismiss it as just sore losers "causing trouble" - for "them."

If Monsanto vanished from this galaxy that would not be the worst thing that has ever happened down here.

I'm still having trouble believing that almost a century after Winston Churchill starved to death a couple million indians with a food blockade because he felt like it, people are still killing Indians with aplomb and even successfully suppressing the news of their deeds. It is not just rapine, murder and extortion it is freedom from accusation so these psychopaths don't even hear of their own crimes. You wouldn't want to upset these special snowflakes.

Recycling Crisis Actors

Makes sense. Directors often say that once you've worked with somebody on a project, you prefer them in the future on other projects because they are a known quantity. The smaller you keep your stable of performers, the less likely there will be a security breach or one of them will talk.

This is the same guy. You can hear it in the voice and see it in the face. He lost a few pounds in the past 14 years but it is him. I am sure you may be familiar with the infomercial actor on 9-11 who explains the exact physics of what just happened with an uncanny insight that normally does not come from a guy on the street who barely even knows what just happened or why.

Nick Pugh is in show business and was listed in a crisis actor registry. He is a conceptual designer for visual effects and staging of events. Need any more?

The government interviewed this man who was at an airport with no I.D. and no plane ticket (?!?!?!?!!?) at least SEVEN TIMES on camera and his account seemed rehearsed in each and every one of them!!

Both "Mark Walsh" and Nick Pugh claim to be "freelancers" for Fox News!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kwanstainia : Jimmy Savile Times Infinity

Notice how these guys are always sitting on committees overseeing the safety and conditions of children.

Every once in a while, somebody in the survivalist community literally freaks out and grabs their children and absconds to the mountains. There is then a long arduous court case in which this person loses their children and they end up wards of the State. All because their parents just tried to get them out of the metropolitan areas altogether where they are up on the local meat market while the parents are at work. One of the reasons I took my children out of public school is because I know for a fact all the concern knights and arched-eyed custodians of the public good are nothing but hardcore child molesters, each and every one of them. They have successfully learned how to conceal their perversion, often from themselves first.

Those survivalist parents are not paranoid. They simply love their children enough to try to move them to a safe area where they cannot be preyed upon by the improvers and enrichers and winnarz and "respectable" cool peeple and alpha dog scary-eyed whackos who sit on all the committees, like the guy above.

Collins reminds me of this pervert I knew in the military, an enlisted guy who was also a real charismatic who was always the darling of the officers. The same month I placed 23rd in the U.S. Army NATO Marathon in Europe, this guy was put in for a commendation for "Contributing To Unit Morale" and was honored with a certificate in formation the day after I got back from the race. There was a sergeant standing beside me in formation while we watched him get his award growling under his breath, "You believe this sh*t? Private Blakemore qualified for the Olympics yesterday and nobody has so much as shaken his hand, this guy gets a formal commendation awarded to him at battalion level. Blakemore, don't you go AWOL on me, I think you did great. I'm going to buy you a Coke after this bullsh*t, Private, don't let me forget." This pervert was a dead ringer for Stephen Collins and he even had that characteristic smirk all the time. Gosh, I think back to those days when I was running a 2:16 marathon and drinking a litre of Coke every single day. I have always wondered where I could have been in life if I had eaten right and gotten more than 2 hours of sleep at night in the Army. If I had just stopped drinking Coke I probably could have shaved ten seconds off my mile time by stabilizing my blood insulin so I could go more than two hours without drinking the equivalent of a 5 pound bag of raw sugar. Coca-Cola should carry a sticker that bans sale to minors and Neanderthals the same way they ban liquor on the reservations here in Australia. The stuff is poison for people with Morton's Toe and as addictive as heroin to people with the wrong genetic profiles.

Any stranger who tells you he is arbitrarily worried about the welfare of other people's children, it is a safe bet to assume that person is a pedophile looking to get his foot into the doors of family homes under a pretext. You can safely assume that every single one of those "It takes a village to raise a child" leftist idiots is a baby-humper-4-life with 100% guaranteed accuracy. That is just the angle they are working. All that "lean forward" crap is just paraphrasing "Relax, kid. Stop screaming and this will be over quickly. Your mom thinks I'm a big celebrity so there is nobody who is going to believe you."

I Just Link'em

I don't write any of this stuff so if you blow an artery out in your head reading it you have only yourself to blame for clicking on it.

Creepy, sick, far-out marxist lunacy. Whacky Orwellian dystopian nuttiness. Twisted, disturbed and going global. Can only get worse. Truly the terminal madness of the end-times. Just remember, this has all happened before in the tenth generation of all previous civilizations we know about. This may be the first time that it is one entire planetwide society (the remains of the West) that has completely lost its mind. There was stuff like this happening at the end of the Greek, Roman, Ottoman and at least two dozen other societies we know about before they collapsed screaming into flaming rubble.

One thing reassuring about all this is that any civilization which refuses to recognize sexual dichotomy won't last. They never do. Pretending girls and boys aren't different is not enlightened and progressive, it is old fashioned crazy and crazy is ubiquitous right about now.

You don't think that people like me were yelling out at those Roman weddings where a man was marrying his goat or two lesbians were marrying a swan? Of course they were. Nobody listened to those guys then and nobody listens to them now. The spectators yelled back, "Love is where you find it and anything that promotes relationships is good!" You don't think the guy like me said "This is a travesty! Do any of you realize how insane this is for a man to enter into a legally recognized sexual union with his goat? This is a gigantic lunatic asylum. The barbarians to the north are outbreeding you people ten-to-one with real families with a mother and father and children. While you idiots are down here f*cking goats, do you know what those people are preparing to do? They are going to come down here and kill us all, burn Rome to the ground and take all of our swan-screwing females away over their shoulders as camp whores! You people are all doomed!!!" I am sure the wedding guests scorned the guy and told him to get out, he was ruining the positive vibes. "Somebody escort that evil hater to the door! We are here today to celebrate the love between a man and his goat! This negative energy that jerk is putting out is ruining everything! What a drag!"

No More Inhumane Medical Experiments On Primates

They will be using your kids from now on.

These two children had the misfortune to be born with a genetic condition that is of interest to the mad scientists and Frankenstein butchers who work at the Human Genome Project. The State figures that makes them public property and ripe for the test chambers of the New World Order.

After all, it is for the "greater good." Psychopaths love using that expression.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Ambivalence Is Connected To Frontal Lobe Damage

Just like a digital switch that can't hold a charge and keeps flip-flopping

The media is staffed by ambivalent people. They smile all the time, they act confident and self-assured and they always behave as if the next decision is self-evident. All of these behaviors are common in people with damage to the frontal lobes or amygdala. One of the reasons they feel so confident is that their frontal lobes are not performing their intended function of examining their actions, predicting consequences and analyzing their outlook to make sure it stays synchronized with reality. People with frontal lobes carved out are super confident all the time, the most self-assured of them all. It is because they cannot think of any reason they should not be so.

One day they tell you that preppers are crazy, the next day they may have a point. It depends on what day it is and what circumstances.

Meanwhile, preppers never change. They are always hitting the same themes - society is not stable nowadays and can collapse overnight. This has happened in Texas - overnight - despite all the reassurances of the confident, smirking and self-assured elites in the media and government.

I was watching DOOMSDAY PREPPERS last night and I felt genuinely sorry for some of them thinking how good their instincts were but they lacked the intelligence to articulate these fears they had, most of them extremely well founded anxieties about the future. The show is engineered to make preppers look bad. That is really all that Social Justice Warriors do, is commit character assassination on real people living their lives with some modicum of sanity. They showed the family man who blows off his own thumb on the shooting range, the tomboy who was hiking across Los Angeles in shorts at night and the woman packing food into her door frames. Do you know what? I didn't feel like making fun of any of these people, I felt sorry for them because their instincts were so much better than those of the people around them but their society had failed to provide them with the necessary support, education and income required to cope with their fears. All of them were doing it on their own and they were doing a spectacular job of it too, on limited incomes and 9 hour work days where most of their paycheck was taken away in taxes and none of it returned to them in civil defense infrastructure. Each one of them was like a small lonely tribe facing huge odds all by themselves.

After the show was over, I was thinking that each one of them, no matter how misguided or underfunded, was a million times more in touch with reality than the assholes watching and laughing at them. In every single case you could see their primary motivation was love, including the desire to find it. There was so much more life in them and so much more will and purpose. To the masses, they were just another reality show to flick through. I saw the Neanderthal in them and I admired each and every one of them. I wished I had enough money to send them each a million in the mail and allow them to make some real preparations.

I had this feeling of wanting to reach out to preppers everywhere and use my brains for something other than just serve as a crazy prophet screeching "you're all going to die!" so I spent the rest of the night working on Vault-OS and trying to get the code in good enough shape to release. Still got a ways to go. I believe that the day I release version 1.0 of VOS as open source will be the best day of my life. I think that VOS will go down in history as the most useful code I ever wrote, not just for myself but anybody else who uses it.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gardasil : Manufacturer admits it doesn't work and never did

After they killed/crippled/sterilized a couple thousand young women worldwide with Epstein-Barr.

Wait, does that mean they will be refunding the trillion or so they made on this junk science placebo?

Vault-Co recommends not holding your breath.

A lot of these Epstein-Barr cases are the equivalent of paralysis that leaves you screaming inside your own body, forever unable to move. So technically worse than death perhaps. Makes Dr. Mengele look like a candy striper gone bad.